Singer, Songwriter, Recording Artist, Actor, Musician and Model

Jake Rowley was born in Port Arthur, Texas. At a very early age, he was surrounded by the diverse musical tastes of his older brother Willie, who introduced him to the music that would light the fire in his spirit and become his life, including artists such as The Smiths, Buddy Holly, Little Richard, Chuck Berry, Johnny Burnette and many other early Rock and Roll, R&B and Pop sounds of the 20th century, but most assuredly, the music of Elvis Presley. It is here, where Jake’s career began.

Joining a few bands while still in high school, Jake began taking as many opportunities as possible to build his musicianship and stage experience. Covering some of his favorite songs, Jake began creating a name for himself locally. Soon, people in the area started noticing Jake’s vocal similarities and natural resemblance to that of a young Elvis Presley. It would only be a few months later that Jake would receive the call that would take him from small stages in Southeast Texas to some of the biggest theaters in the nation.

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Introducing the new Alt Pop Band



[ joo-vuh-nes-uhnt ]


Being or becoming youthful; young. / Young in appearance.

Having the power to make young or youthful: a juvenescent elixir.

The Juvenescent was formed by Singer, Songwriter, Musician and Original Artist Jake Rowley.

Creating the unique sights and sounds of the band are Jake’s diverse musical influences and his love for the driving Rock N Roll, as well as tender love songs of the 50’s, the lyrical melodies of the 60’s and the raw reckless abandon of power, pop and punk in the 70’s & 80’s, this combined with 21st century sensibility, is The Juvenescent.

With multiple original songs already in Jake’s catalogue, the band continues to record and develop new, original material in the studio and are preparing for an album release and touring in the years to come.

The current roster includes talented, masterful musicians always ready to create new music:

Jake Rowley
Southeast Texas native, lead vocalist, lyricist and songwriter

John Perrin
Chicago recording artist and drummer

Zach Lentino
Chicago recording artist and bassist

Jack Fluegel
Chicago recording artist and rhythm guitarist

Heitor Crespo
International recording artist and lead guitarist from Sao Paulo Brazil


Dear Friends and Fans in the UK, I was so looking forward to my Tour throughout the UK,  July 2nd through July 7th, 2021 in Great Yarmouth, Southampton, Wolverhampton, Blackpool and Nottingham. Unfortunately, due to extended Covid restrictions, the shows had to be postponed. I hope to return sometime in the fall or sooner. I can’t wait to get across the pond and celebrate Elvis’ music with all of you. Keep rockin and stay safe, yours truly, Jake
Anyone who can get to Texas, we are excited to announce that tickets are going extremely fast for our family friendly show,
‘Elvis the Next Generation’ at Jefferson Theatre in Beaumont, TX on Saturday, July 24th, 2021. My special guest will be none other than Slim Jim Phantom, Legendary drummer of the Stray Cats. Don’t miss this true celebration of the music of the Greatest Entertainer of All Time, all for a very good cause!
Tickets are available by following this link today:
Tickets are also available by visiting the box office or call 409-838-3435 right now, while tickets are still available. See you there!
Future 2021/2022 tour dates coming soon

In the meantime, please give us your name, email and city below to receive the latest news and updates!

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